Hook and Ladder co. #1 was organized on October 7, 1907. At that time they had no apparatus
so it is presumed they helped Engine Co.#1 in pulling it's hose cart. In 1908 a hand down
apparatus was purchased for $350.00.
It was replaced in 1917 with a Maxim hook and ladder.
In 1931 a more modern Maxim was purchased.
In 1952 a Seagrave 75 foot aerial ladder was purchased.
In 1973 two major events occurred for Hook and Ladder Co.#1.
Bogota purchased a Seagrave 100 foot aerial ladder for $68,000.00, equipped
with new and modern life-saving, fire-fighting, and rescue equipment for them.

They also moved from their Main St. quarters to their new and present quarters
on West Broad St. behind Borough Hall.

In 1993 a E-One 100 foot rear mount aerial ladder was purchased.

1993 E-One 100 foot rear mount aerial ladder was refurbished by E-One.

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