Did you know that Bogota’s fire department is a volunteer fire department?

 New members are needed to help protect our community.

    If you are interested in giving back to your home town,

                                    please CLICK HERE.

Bogota   Chiefs   

Chief Tony Culmone


Deputy Alex Breuss


Battalion John Greiner


Company Officers For 2019

Ladder #1
Capt          Scott Woegens
1st LT                 Jose Cobles
2nd LT           Gordon Kohles

Engine #1
Capt       Joe Dimauro Sr
1st LT          Adam Schaefer
2nd LT         Joe Dimauro Jr

Hose #2
Capt            Joe Kleiber
1st LT             Jim Berthold
2nd LT          Anthony Friel

Engine #3
Capt           John Dunn
1st LT       August Greiner
2nd LT  John "Jack" Dunn

Fire Marshall Lou Kern


Change those Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries.

  • Smoke alarms and CO detectors should be replaced every 10 years.

  • Make sure you know how old all the alarm units are in your home.
  • To find out how old a alarm unit is, look at the date of manufacture on the back of the alarm;
  • The alarm should be replaced 10 years from that date.


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