Hose Company # 2, known as Bogota Heights Hose Company # 2,  

was founded on October 26, 1910, at a meeting in the dinning room of Henry Wehrmaker. Their fisrt home was Mr. Wehrmakers's barn and their first apparatus was Engine Co.#1's old Hose Reel.


On October 14, 1911 the Central Avenue Firehouse was built by Mr. Wehrmaker at a cost of $3,448.00 and Hose #2 still occupies it to this date.



























The apparatus was a four wheeled hose wagon pulled by two horses, Teddy and Dynamite, whose owner Charles Sniffen, was a member of Hose Co. #2.



On January 13, 1917 the company received its first piece of motorized equipment, a Brockway chemical and h0se truck, replaced in 1931 by a Maxim hose and booster truck.

In 1952 an American LaFrance Pumper replaced the Maxim.

In 1972 a custom built Great Eastern pumper was purchased. It had a self contained foam system.




Pre 1952 - Hose2 & Hose3 @ Central Ave. Fire House
(both housed in same station)
In 1992 a 1991 E-One pumper was purchased and in use now. It also has a self
contained foam system.