As Bogota's population increased, fire protection had to be expanded.

On March 8, 1923 Hose Co. #3 was organized with ten members to protect the southern part of Bogota, known as the "Hill". The company used the hose tender of Engine Co. #1 (the latter having its first Maxim) and stored it in Mr. Bubbles double garage on Fairview Avenue. In 1927 this was replaced by a Maxim combination pumper and hose truck.

In 1947 that was replaced by a Ward La France 1000 gallon pumper.
Hose Co. #3 shared the Central Ave. firehouse from 1927 to 1951 when they moved into their present quarters.
In 1965 Hose co. #3 was purchased a Mack 1000 GPM, 2 pump, high pressure diesel.
In 1985 a new Mack 1000 GPM pumper was purchased. It the current pumper.
In 2008 the Mack was replaced with a Pirece which was a twin bought with Engine 1.