Engine Company 1, originally know as Hose Co. 1, was organized on
 January 22,1901 with 23 members at a historic meeting held at the
Bogota Boat Club.  Their first piece of equipment was a hand drawn 
hose carriage with 450 feet of hose and 2 nozzles. This equipment was kept 
in Munns Barn, and later in Kriegers Stable on River Road for an annual
rental fee of $15.00 until 1906 when he Main Street Firehouse was built.
In 1914 they secured their first piece of motorized equipment.
It was a Hartford Pope passenger car, converted to a truck to
carry hose.
At this point Hose Co. 1 became Engine Co. 1.   
In 1923 Engine 1 purchased a 1923 Maxim Pumper, followed by a 1943 Maxim
Pumper, followed by a 1960 Mack Pumper and then the current 1981 American 
LaFrance pumper.
Engine 1 - 1938
Engine 1 - June, 1938
Engine #1 at Main Street Firehouse
  Engine 1 now occupies the West Broad St. Firehouse
located behind Borough Hall. This move occured in 1973.  more.......
Engine #1 and Hook&Ladder Quarters 1906-1973
In 1904 Engine 1 member Harlan P. Ross was named the first fire chief of Bogota.
The 50th anniversary of the founding of our Department was enhanced by the
coincidence that William Ross, son of Harlon Ross would be chief in 1951.
Engine 1 James Mitchell, chief in 1997&2001, is the first chief to serve two terms.

This American LaFrance engine served Engine 1 for 22 years.

In 2008 the new Pierce was put in service.